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System last updated: 24 September 2018

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From 1 January 2018 you must be accredited to start, continue or return to teaching in a NSW school or early childhood service. Being an accredited teacher means you have met the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at one or more of the four career stages in teaching.

Find out what your accreditation journey involves.

eTAMS update and interim arrangements

Teachers maintaining Proficient Teacher accreditation, including pre-2004 teachers

We are progressively opening the maintenance functionality in eTAMS to all Proficient Teachers, with access provided to more than 100,000 teachers to date.

We are emailing teachers and their principals as access is provided.

Read more about maintaining your accreditation

Teachers working towards Proficient Teacher
Follow the interim process to finalise your Proficient Teacher accreditation.

Principals and TAAs can search for a teacher in eTAMS and check their accreditation status via the Teacher Lookup.

Read  interim arrangements for approving Proficient Teacher and maintenance of accreditation submissions.

Pre-service teachers
You can create an account, apply for accreditation and submit your application. Read more about the process

Teachers applying for higher level accreditation
If you are a current candidate, you can log in to upload, annotate and link evidence to Standard Descriptors and add referees.

To finalise and submit your application, email with subject ‘Higher level accreditation’.

Teachers returning from leave
To return from an approved Leave of Absence early, email with subject 'Returning from Leave of Absence'.