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Welcome to the online accreditation system for all primary, secondary and early childhood teachers in NSW. It's where you can: update your personal information, log and track your PD, review and evaluate PD course offerings, submit accreditation applications, pay your annual fee, submit a leave of absence and monitor progress of your accreditation. Providers of Accredited PD can manage their courses and upload PD session participation.

Visit the NESA website for more information about accreditation to teach and quality teaching in NSW.

Manage your accreditation with eTAMS

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Applying for accreditation for the first time

Visit the NESA website for information on conditional and provisional accreditation

Finalising Proficient Teacher accreditation

Teachers working towards Proficient Teacher can finalise their accreditation requirements in their NESA online account (eTAMS). Visit the NESA website for information on finalising your accreditation online.

Principals can view reports and make Proficient Teacher accreditation recommendations and attestations in their NESA online account.

Maintaining accreditation

All teachers can log and evaluate professional development in their NESA online account. Visit the NESA website for information on professional development requirements and maintaining accreditation.  

Applying for higher level accreditation

Teachers accredited at Proficient Teacher or above can start new Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher applications in their online account.

Current applicants can upload and annotate evidence, add referees and submit modules for assessment. Visit the NESA website for more information on applying

Taking a break from teaching

Apply for a leave of absence in eTAMS. Visit the NESA website for information on taking a leave of absence.