How to log Elective PD

  1. Expand the "Maintenance of Accreditation" link in the left menu, click “Elective PD”

  2. On the “Elective Professional Development” page click the "Add Elective PD" button and complete the following fields:

    1. Activity Name

    2. Activity Type – select the type of activity from the provided list

    3. Start and End Date using the calendar tool

    4. Duration Hours and Minutes

    5. Optional: Select the Elective PD guidelines that the activity addressed by ticking check boxes. (Note: check boxes only appear once the Elective Activity details have been filled in).

    6. Optional: If “Professional Reading” is the activity selected, you will need to write a statement in the comment box about how it impacted your teaching practice and tick the declaration box to declare it meets the Professional Reading activity criteria.

    7. Select the Standard Descriptor/s that apply to the PD (choose from Proficient, Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher)

    8. Write 300-1800 characters in the comment box explaining how the activity addressed the Standard Descriptor/s (a minimum of 300 characters is required)

  3. Save a draft at any time by clicking the "Save Draft" button

  4. When completed click the "Add Elective Activity" button. A message is displayed: “Your Elective PD activity has been added…”

Your PD Progress Report will update automatically with this activity.

Visit the NESA website for information on maintaining accreditation and professional development.

Download: eTAMS Visual Guide - How to log Elective PD (PDF)

How to edit an Elective PD entry

  1. Go to the “Manage Elective Professional Development” page and click on the “EDIT” button next to the entry you would like to edit. If you wish to delete the PD click the “REMOVE” button next to the entry

  2. After clicking the “EDIT” button you can edit any of the fields for the entry on the “Edit Elective Activity” page

  3. Click the “Update Elective Activity” button when you have finished editing.

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