How to evaluate NESA Accredited PD

  1. Expand the "Maintenance of Accreditation" link in the left menu, click "Accredited PD” and select the course you wish to evaluate
  2. On the “PD evaluation” page complete the following fields:
    • Select a rating value from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) for questions 1-5
    • Select Yes or No for question 6
    • Enter optional comments for questions 7-9
  3. Save a draft at any time by clicking the "Save Draft" button
  4. Click the "Submit evaluation" button to complete the evaluation.

Your PD Progress Report will update automatically with the evaluation.

Visit the NESA website for information on maintaining accreditation and professional development.

Download: eTAMS Visual Guide - How to evaluate NESA Accredited PD (PDF)

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